River wye - thebyford beat

The map above indicates Byford Church (recommended parking area). The map below shows the Byford  Beat.


From Hereford, take the A438 West and take a left turn to Byford.

Fishery Information

The upstream boundary is at Strangwood Stream. All water on the north bank down to Staff Stream, upstream of Bridge Sollers, can be fished (below Staff Stream the river is not accessible from the left bank). Parking is available in the vicinity of Byford Church (See map, above). Members must take great care not to block gateways or access for large farm vehicles. Closer access access is possible in fine weather, but only with 4WD vehicles.

This fishery can accommodate 2 rods per day. Note that this must be booked in advance by emailing Richard Knowles on cffsalmonfishers@gmail.com. Note that a booking is confirmed only when a positive reply from Richard has been received. There may be up to 4 other rods (from another club) fishing the beat and, after June 16th, some coarse fishing rods may also be present.

CFF rods may coarse fish from June 16th until the end of the salmon fishing season on October 17th.

General Information

Salmon fishing is from March 3rd to October 17th with both spinning and fly fishing allowed until the end of August. Thereafter fly fishing only is permitted. All salmon caught must be returned.

CFF rods must wear their ID badges, carry the handbook and have a CFF member's sticker displayed in their vehicle. Failure to comply with this may lead to their being asked to leave the fishery.

Note that, by law, a salmon and sea trout licence is required to fish for salmon. Season, Daily and weekly licences are available here. Be aware that restrictions regarding hook types may be implemented by the Environment agency during the season.