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Welcome to the Cotswold Flyfishers' website. Please Bookmark this page to find us again easily. Should you have issues or suggestions for this website email us HERE.

The user name and password will change on the 25th February 2022, please refer to the latest Newsletter for the new ones. We have changed the bookings process for our bookable fisheries. Please follow the new instructions, the control of bookings is a time consuming job and you will earn the goodwill of the team by keeping to the rules.

The Cotswolds region is a beautiful and ecologically rich landscape in the heart of England. The Cotswold Flyfishers Club manages many miles of rivers and streams in the region with the aim of preserving and enhancing the health of these rivers and all the wildlife they sustain while providing recreation for our members.

We believe that enhancing the aquatic environment for wild trout and grayling fishing contributes to a richer and healthier landscape for the benefit of all.
We provide fishing for our members on more than 30 miles of bank across 20+ river fisheries as well as two small stillwater fisheries.

Members play a key role in maintaining the fisheries with weekly work parties taking place through the winter months with a focus on habitat improvement and encouraging natural regeneration.
All our wild trout waters are fished on a catch-and-release basis with barbless hooks.

Club membership is fully subscribed, with a waiting list. You can enjoy a 'taster day' with one of our approved fishing guides. Full details will be announced shortly (this dated 02/02/22).

The Cotswold Flyfishers offers a stunning range of fishing throughout the Cotswolds. The club has access to the Denford Fishery on the River Kennet , The River Test at Broadlands Estate,several beats on the River Windrush, 5 beats on the Coln , 3 beats on the Dikler, 3 beats on the Leach, 3 beats on the Churn, a beat on the Glyme and a beat on the Ampney Brook. For those who prefer stillwater to rivers, the club has the fishing on Cornbury Park Lakes and members can fish Salford Lakes at no extra charge.  

During the winter there are grayling and coarse fishing opportunities.  Members also benefit from discounts on various fishing related products and services.

Poaching advice - a scourge of all fine trout waters. What to do and how to keep safe.

Do not challenge poachers on your own, Call 101 or 999 depending on whether you feel the incident is non-urgent or urgent. Urgency is a personal decision, but an organised gang with a vehicle would qualify as urgent to enable the police to respond in a timely fashion. Use 'what three words' to get a location.

The club continues to expand its range of fishing, including new beats on the River Test for Salmon fishing and the River Coln for wild brown trout.

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lost and found

There is a dedicated page for lost and found tackle and other belongings, it has been reactivated (25-05-2022) and can be found here.  Please notify new items at this address


salford lakes re-open 12th september to cff. top lake recommended


cornbury park closed to fishing for horse trials 8-11th sept. see facebook for free tickets link


Salford Trout Lakes
Due to the high water temperatures the owners of Salford Trout Lakes are recommending that fishing is suspended 
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bibury court - new combination lock


Salford lower trout lake closed


lost and found page reactivated here


Little faringdon update to map 

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bibury Court update and map added

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