about the cotswold flyfishers

The Cotswolds region is a beautiful and ecologically rich landscape in the heart of England. The Cotswold Flyfishers Club manages over many miles of rivers and streams in the region with the aim of preserving and enhancing the health of these rivers and all the wildlife they sustain while providing recreation for our members.

We believe that enhancing the aquatic environment for wild trout and grayling fishing contributes to a richer and healthier landscape for the benefit of all.

We provide fishing for our members on more than 30 miles of bank across 20+ river fisheries as well as two small stillwater fisheries. Members play a key role in maintaining the fisheries with weekly work parties taking place through the winter month with a focus on habitat improvement and encouraging natural regeneration.  

All our wild trout waters are fished on a catch-and-release basis with barbless hooks.

Cotswold Flyfishers is a club run entirely by volunteers. This means that we are able to offer a wide and varied range of fly fishing at a very reasonable cost.  For this reason there is usually a waiting list to join.

The annual subscription is £660, for full membership and £440 for senior membership.  There is non-returnable registration fee of £187, which is payable as a deposit upon application. 

You must be over 18 to join the club, but youngsters below this age can fish free of charge if accompanied by a member.  (Full details of this arrangement are in the handbook which is issued to all members.)  

There are two types of cadet membership, as follows:

  • Cadet 1: for people between the ages of 18-25 - £330, no registration fee.
  • Cadet 2: for people between the ages of 26-29 - £495, no registration fee.

Upon reaching the age of 30 cadet members can move directly to full membership simply by paying the full sub.  Cadet members are required to attend 2 working parties each year.

Members who have paid the full joining fee are eligible for a reduced subscription rate upon reaching the age of 75.

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