History of the cotswold flyfishers

The Cotswold Flyfishers' Club was conceived in 1950 and inaugurated in the April of 1951. It began with a modest section of the Windrush at Widford (pictured above) as its only water. Since then the Club has grown exponentially and now offers close to 20 miles of fishing on rivers and streams, plus a range of stillwater options.

In 2001, the Club's 50th anniversary year, Peter Harvey, then Club President, wrote and published a history of the Cotswold Flyfishers up to that point. A PDF scan of the booklet can be downloaded by clicking here, or via the link below.

We hope to update this page with further archive material, going forward. If any members past or present have anything that they feel might help us with this, please contact me, Dominic Long, via e-mail, here. Photographs from the Club's early days are particularly sought.